In 2021, The Laboratory of Experimental Psychology has joined the global campaign to mark BRAIN WEEK. This year, four special lectures were organized (Andraž Matkovič, Researcher at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana; Anđela Šoškić, Laboratory for Neurocognition and Applied Cognition, University of Belgrade; Ivan Zečević, Rehabilitation Center Stančić, Dugo Selo). During the lecture, participants learned about the basics of neural networks. Brain connectivity refers to a pattern of anatomical links (“anatomical connectivity”), of statistical dependencies (“functional connectivity”) or of causal interactions (“effective connectivity”) between distinct units within a nervous system. A pilot study on the application of studies of brain networks in the identification of mental disorders was presented. Further, ways of applying ERP signals in psychological research of cognitive processes were presented. Participants also learned about ways of neuropsychological treatment of dementia and hypersomnia. Raising awareness of the importance of the brain, especially in the field of psychology. Organized lectures enabled networking with experts from countries in the region.

In 2020, Laboratory of Experimental Psychology joined a global initiative aimed at raising awareness about the relevance of brain, Brain awareness week.  We prepared numerous lectures for university students and wider audience, including other outreach activities in primary and secondary schools. Unfortunately, due to pandemics we were unable to conduct them. To compensate, Daniel Polimac (University of Belgrade) held an online lecture titled ‘Artificial Intelligence: Roads and Wastelands’ to sign a symbolic start of our involvement in this important initiative.